40 Geographic unit - United Kingdom

Statistical inference possible at the regional level:No
Is your country part of the NUTS nomenclature or Eurostat's statistical regions for EFTA and Candidate countries?Yes

Suggested grouping of the regional categories:

The sample design stipulated a representative sample of those aged 15 or above living in the UK. Given the varying population sizes across Regions, the sample sizes across regions also vary. While it is possible to group together some neighbouring regions, as below, some regions are still too small to produce representative samples on a regional level. In particular, Wales, Scotland and Ireland are treated as different countries under the United Kingdom and so we do not recommend merging them together; they are too small to analyse on their own.

North (North East, North West, Yorkshire and Humber)

Midlands (East Midlands and West Midlands)

South (East of England, South East, South West)



Northern Ireland

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