40 Geographic unit - Israel

Statistical inference possible at the regional level:No
Is your country part of the NUTS nomenclature or Eurostat's statistical regions for EFTA and Candidate countries?No

Suggested grouping of the regional categories:

Israel does not deposit a region variable.

NUTS level in data file

If your country is not part of the NUTS nomenclature, please give a short description of the regional level used in the data file

Natural region: Within the frame of the official division into 15 sub-districts, a more detailed sub-division was made into natural regions. Each natural region is part of one sub-district or, in some cases, identical to a whole sub-district.

Natural regions are continuous areas, as homogeneous as possible in their physical structure, climate and soil, as well as in the demographic, economic and cultural characteristics of their population. Before the 2008 Census, the natural region system was updated and the number of regions rose to 50. After the 2008 Census, they numbered 51. The Lod Natural Region was divided into the Modiā€™in and Ramla natural regions.