40 Geographic unit - Spain

Statistical inference possible at the regional level:No
Is your country part of the NUTS nomenclature or Eurostat's statistical regions for EFTA and Candidate countries?Yes

Suggested grouping of the regional categories:

The Spanish sample is stratified by level 2- NUTS but the small number of interviews in some of them prevent for making inference because of the big margin of error. There are only 6 NUTS with more than 100 interviews that can be used for inference. These NUTS and their corresponding margin of error for a 95% confidence level in the estimation of proportions are: ES61 Andalucía 405 interviews (0.055); ES30 Madrid 300 intervies (0.063); ES51 Cataluña 267 interviews (0.067); ES52 Valencia 175 interviews (0.083); ES11 Galicia 111 interviews (0.104) and ES41 Castilla y León 102 interviews (0.109).There is not only one way to group the Spanish NUTS. It would depend on the goal of the research. It's not wise to suggest a general way of grouping.

NUTS level in data fileNUTS 2

Geographic units in dataset: