ESS7 Error in Design and Post-stratification weights for Spain

The design weight for Spain in ESS round 7 has erroneously been set to 2 for 6 respondents. Variable DWEIGHT should be equal to 1 for all Spanish respondents.

The design weights will be corrected in future editions of ESS7. See below for suggested temporary solution to the problem, based on a recoding of edition 2.1 of the ESS7 Integrated file in SPSS (in this example, stored locally in folder "ESS" on the C: drive):

GET FILE 'C:\ESS\ESS7e02_1.sav'.
IF cntry="ES" AND idno=1317 dweight=1.
IF cntry="ES" AND idno=1318 dweight=1.
IF cntry="ES" AND idno=1319 dweight=1.
IF cntry="ES" AND idno=1320 dweight=1.
IF cntry="ES" AND idno=1322 dweight=1.
IF cntry="ES" AND idno=1323 dweight=1.

Since the design weights are included in the production of the post-stratification weights, the post-stratification weights are also affected by the error. A new file containing the corrected variable DWEIGHT and PSPWGHT for Spain will be made available from the ESS7 Data download section soon.