ESS5 Error in Danish education variables

Code 2 ("Folkeskole 9.-10. klasse") in EDLVFDDK and code 213 ("General ISCED 2A, access ISCED 3A general/all 3") in EDULVLFB are overestimated in Danish education variables for respondent's father. 565 of the cases coded 2/213 on EDLVFDDK/EDULVLFB respectively should be recoded to 5 ("Faglig udd. (håndværk, handel, landbrug mv.), F.eks. Faglært")/322 ("Vocational ISCED 3A/3B, access 5B/lower tier 5A") on EDLVFDDK/EDULVLFB. Revised versions of EDLVFDDK and EDULVLFB will be available in future releases of the ESS5 data.