In addition to the ESS survey data, this resouce contains variables with information about countries and regions. These variables are downloaded from the following sources:

Sources for the contextual variables1

Eurostat (link)
WHO (link)
UN data (link)
UNESCO (link)
OECD (link)
Transparency International (link)
Freedom House (link)
World Bank (link)
IMF (link)        
Bertelsmann Stiftung (link)  
CIRI Human Rights Project (link)  
Democracy Barometer (link)  
The Comparative Political Data Sets (link)  
Database of Political Institutions (link)  
Alesina et al. 2003. “Fractionalization”. Journal of Economic Growth, 8 (June): 155-194.  
Migrant Integration Policy Index (link)        

1 = '•' in this table indicates that we downloaded data from this source.