ESS5 - 2010 Deviations - Portugal

F41 (HINCTNTA): The data for HINCTNTA have been omitted from the integrated file. The question was asked with the same categories as in Round 3 in Portugal, i.e. with 12 categories instead of the ESS standard ten categories. The variable has been renamed HINCTAPT and is available from a separate country specific file for Portugal .

G85 (WNTRTR): Filter error. All cases with code 0000 "Never had a paid job" in G84 (RTRYR) have been routed to G85 (WNTRTR) and assigned a valid code on this variable. All cases with code 7777 "Refusal" in G84 (RTRYR) have been routed past G85 (WNTRTR).

SUPQDD, SUPQMM, SUPQYR (date of supplementary questionnaire) not available.