ESS4 - 2008 Deviations - Turkey

C18 (RLGDNM) C20 (RLGDNME): Code 2 "Protestants", code 4 "Other Christian denominations", code 7

"Eastern religions" were not fielded in Turkey, due to lack of representation of these denominations in Turkey.

C12 (TRRCNYR): Variable TRRCNYR has not been fielded in Turkey for sensitivity reasons.


The underlying national questionnaire items have changed since ESS2-2004.


The showcard for Turkey contains 12 categories. The tenth decile category was split up in three categories H, U and N. Category U and N are merged into category H in the HINCTNTA variable for Turkey.

Item non-response:

1 case (idno=655) has more than 50% Refusal, Don't know or No answer in Main questionnaire.

Interviewer data file:

I6 (PREWHP). The variable was originally fielded with 5 categories in Turkey, describing who interfered with the interview. For Turkey, value 1 to 5 in variable PREWHP have been recoded to code 1"Marked".