ESS4 - 2008 Deviations - Israel


The underlying national questionnaire items have changed since ESS1-2002.

F35 (PARTNER) and F69 (CHLDHM):

According to the ESS source questionnaire, these variables should be interviewer codes based on F4 (RSHIPA1-n). In Israel, however, they were asked as direct questions. The Archive's standard procedure is to recalculate the variables that are made available to users based on F4 and the two variables in the main file are thus not directly affected by Israel's implementation. The variables F36 to F48 (concerning partner's education, activities and work) and variable F71 (CHLDHME "Ever had children living in household") are part of filters based on F35 and F69, respectively. The implementation in Israel of F35 and F69 has therefore affected which respondents that were and were not asked these questions. The variables as deposited from Israel have been renamed PRTNERIL and CHLDHMIL and are available from a separate country specific file for Israel at