ESS4 - 2008 Deviations - Bulgaria


The underlying national questionnaire items have changed since ESS3-2006.


The income categories in Bulgaria are not based on deciles. Please see Source Showcards (Card 73) and Bulgarian Showcards (Card 73) in ESS Round 4 - Fieldwork documents at It has not been possible to bridge HINCTNTA into a decile-based variable. The Bulgarian data from the variable have been omitted from the international data file, but the variable has been renamed HINCTABG and is available from a separate country-specific file for Bulgaria from ESS Round 4 - at

F62 (MARITALA): Category 3 "Separated (still legally married)" was included in the Bulgarian questionnaire even though this is not a legally recognised status in Bulgaria.

Gq (IPRSPOT): Difference in meaning between the Source question in English and the Bulgarian translation.

The source question goes as follow: "How much like you is this person? it's important to him to get respect from others". The Bulgarian translation is "It is important for him to force people to respect him".