ESS3 - 2006 Deviations - Bulgaria

F32 (HINCTNT): The income categories in Bulgaria differ from the Data Protocol. Please see Source Showcards (Card 53) and Bulgarian Showcards (Card 53) in ESS Round 3 - Fieldwork documents at A recoded version is available in the international file, and the original variable has been renamed to HINCTNBG and is available from a separate file with deviating income variables available from ESS Round 3 - Data download, at

F62 (MARITALA): Category 3 "Separated (still legally married)" was included in the Bulgarian questionnaire even though this is not a legally recognised status in Bulgaria.

C18 (RLGDNM) C20 (RLGDNME): The categories in the Bulgarian variables differ from the data protocol. ESS category 4 and 7 have not been asked in Bulgaria. The variables have been omitted from the international data file, have been renamed to RLDNBG and RLDEBG and are available from a separate country specific file for Bulgaria from ESS Round 3 - Data download, at

Gq (IPRSPOT): Difference in meaning between the Source question in English and the Bulgarian translation. The source question goes as follow: "How much like you is this person? it's important to him to get respect from others". The Bulgarian translation is "It is important for him to force people to respect him".

1 case (idno=4512) has more than 50% Refusal, Don't know or No answer in Main questionnaire.