ESS3 - 2006 Deviations - Austria

2 cases (idno=258, 273) have more than 50% Refusal, Don't know or No answer in Main questionnaire.


The underlying national questionnaire items have changed since ESS2-2004. Category 4 also contains respondents from ISCED-97 category 5.


Wrong Marital version has been used.

The MARITAL question block from ESS2 has been deployed rather than the round 3 MARITAL question block version B. The ESS2 MARITALA variable has been bridged into the ESS3 MARITALA (Version B) variable. Correspondingly, the incompatible variables LVGPTNA (F64) and LVGPTNE (F66) have been dropped from the data set.

AGE (constructed variable):

Two respondents IDNO 1475, 3596 are younger than the lower age cut-off.