ESS2 - 2004 Deviations - Sweden


Incorrect wording in Swedish questionnaire, leading to incorrect categories in F31: Value 2 in the Swedish variable equals ESS2 values 2 and 3, value 3 equals value 4, 4 equals 5, 5 equals 6, 6 equals 7 and 7 equals 8.

The Swedish data from this variable have been omitted since the second edition of the ESS2 international file, but the deposited variable is available from a separate country specific file for Sweden.


Incorrect use of filter. All 17 respondents with category 1 in F38 (CRPDWKP) were given the code 2 in G18 (ICPTNWK) by the Swedish team, and hence not asked the questions G19 to G21.

Two cases (idno 2013209 and 3029949) have more than 50% Refusal, Don't know or No answer in Main questionnaire.