ESS2 - 2004 Deviations - Italy


The underlying national questionnaire item has changed since ESS1-2002.

Rotating modules:

Due to the way interviews and questionnaires were conducted in Italy, rotating modules D, E and G were administered as split ballot between D-E and G. Half of the respondents were asked sections D-E and the other half were asked section G.

Hence, for Italy no respondents were asked the full version of the ESS2 questionnaire. They were either asked core modules A, B, C, F and rotating modules D-E, or they were asked core modules A, B, C, F and rotating module G.

Because of this deviation Italian data from the main and supplementary questionnaire have been omitted from the integrated international file for ESS 2004. The data are available as a separate Italian file.

Sample design:

Please note, that the Italian sample design was not signed off by the ESS sampling expert panel.