ESS1 - 2002 Deviations - Czechia


These questions were not asked as multiple response questions. As a consequense data from E1a-E12a (SPTCNN-OTHVNA) and E1b-E12b (SPTCFRD-OTHVFRD) have been omitted from the international data file, but the deposited variables are available from a separate country specific file for the Czech Republic.


Category 5 also contains respondents from ISCED-97 category 4.


Question F14 has mistakenly been translated to "Do you have a work contract of...". whereas the Source Questionnaire reads: "Do/did you have a work contract of...". According to the Czech National Team many of the currently economicaly inactive respondents did therefore not respond to this question, and hence the variable WRKCTR has a large amount of missing values (9). However, the correct filter instructions were followed and all respondents were asked question F14.