ESS Data Alerts

ESS8 First release


The first edition of data and documentation for ESS round 8 is scheduled for release ultimo October 2017 (week 44).

ESS7 Error in Design and Post-stratification weights for Spain (Update)


Updated 7th of August 2017

The design weight for Spain in ESS round 7 has erroneously been set to 2 for 6 respondents. Variable DWEIGHT should be equal to 1 for all Spanish respondents. Since the design weights are included in the production of the post-stratification weights, all post-stratification weights were also affected by the error.

The design and post-stratification  weights will be corrected in future editions of ESS7. In the meantime, please access a temporary file containing the correct values on the ESS7 - 2014 Data Download page.

ESS Multilevel Data updated


The Multilevel Data resource was updated on the 26th of June 2017.

In this update, survey data from ESS7 was added to the resource, alongside the already published data from ESS4, ESS5 and ESS6. The existing categories of macro data (demography, economy, education, health, crime and political institutions) were expanded with new variables and more recent data to match the ESS round 7 survey data. In addition contextual data concerning immigration added to complement the ESS7 rotating module on that topic.

In addition the ESS4, ESS5 and ESS6 individual level data have been updated to the newest editions available.

ESS7 Error in Dutch education variables (father)


Several respondents were assigned the wrong value in the Father's Education variables (EDULVLFB, EDLVFENL, EISCEDF). The error affects all education values from EDLVFENL = 8 and upwards; EDLVFENL codes 1 to 7 are unaffected. The correct values will be implemented in all published datasets as of ESS7 edition 2.2. In the meantime, please access a temporary file containing the correct values on the ESS7 - 2014 Data Download page.

ESS7 New edition (2.1) of ESS7 Interviewer's questionnaire data


A new edition of  ESS7 Interviewer's questionnaire data (2.1) is now available for download on the ESS7 - 2014 Data Download page.

The new release is due to amendments made in variables INTNUM, INTAGEA and INTGNDR for the Netherlands.

ESS7 Missing data for SUPQDD for United Kingdom


The variable SUPQDD ("Day of month, supplementary questionnaire") has been erroneously coded to 99 "Not available" for all respondents for the United Kingdom in ESS7. A data file containing the corrected variable is available for download in the United Kingdom section of the ESS7 - 2014 Data Download page. The variable will be corrected in future updates of the integrated ESS7 data file.  In the meantime, we advise our users to update the data by replacing the variable using the following syntax (In this example, note that the data files are stored locally in folder "ESS" on the C: drive):

 /FILE=" C:\ESS\ESS7supqGB.sav"
 /BY cntry idno.
SAVE OUT "C:\ESS\ESS7e02_1_Update.sav".

use "C:\ESS\ESS7e02_1.dta"
merge 1:1 cntry idno using "C:\ESS\ESS7supqGB.dta",  replace update

data ESS.ESS7e02_1_Update;
  merge ESS.ESS7e02_1 ESS.ESS7supqGB;
  by cntry idno;