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Original title Wat willen Nederlanders van de Europese Unie?
English title What do the Dutch want from the European Union?
Language Dutch
Type Book (monograph)
Year 2019


What do citizens want from the European Union? That was the question posed in the public consultations which were held across the EU in 2018 on the initiative of the French president Emmanuel Macron. The Netherlands Institute for Social Research (SCP) carried out these consultations for the Netherlands, drawing on both existing and new research. This report provides a detailed description and update of the consultation exercise. Based on surveys, an online dialogue and focus groups, the report presents a more representative and nuanced picture of what people want and what their concerns are than has been the case in other consultations, which have mainly targeted people with a positive attitude towards further European integration.

Year of publication2019
CityThe Hague
Number of pages147
Publisher:The Netherlands Institute for Social Research | SCP
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