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ESS data used

Round 3: Germany, Netherlands

English title Determining the Structure and Assessing the Psychometric Properties of Multidimensional Scales Constructed from Ordinal and Pseudo-Interval Items
Language English
Type Journal article
Year 2019


Determining the structure and assessing the psychometric properties of multidimensional scales before their application is a prerequisite of scaling theory. This involves splitting a sample of adequate size randomly into two halves and first performing exploratory factor analysis (EFA) on one half-sample in order to assess the construct validity of the scale. Secondly, this structure is validated by carrying out confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) on the second half. As in any statistical analysis - whether univariate, bivariate or multivariate - the first and most important consideration is to ascertain the level of measurement of the input variables, in this instance the defining items of the scale. This guides the correct choice of the methods to be used. In this paper, we carry out the investigation and assessment of the 2006 European Social Survey six-dimensional instrument of wellbeing for Germany and the Netherlands when items are considered as both ordinal and pseudo-interval.

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Journal:Communications in Statistics: Case Studies, Data Analysis and Applications
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