Structure and Governance

The ESS ERIC is governed by a General Assembly which appoints the Director. The governance arrangements are detailed in the ESS ERIC Statutes and are elaborated as required in Standing Orders.

The activities of the ESS ERIC are detailed in its Annual Activity Reports. The Annual Activity Report 2013-2014 is available.

Members of the General Assembly are represented by a National Representative.

The Chair of the General Assembly is Professor Michael Breen, Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick, Ireland. The Deputy Chair is Professor Algis Krupavičius from Kanuas University of Technology, Lithuania.


ESS ERIC General Assembly, National Representatives


Matthias Reiter- Pázmándy, Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy



Marc Luwel, delegated representative from the Hercules Foundation (representing the Flemish community)

Marc Vanholsbeeck, delegated representative from the Ministry of the Walloon-Brussels Federation (representing the French speaking community)

Czech Republic

Petr Ventluka, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports



Mari Sarv, Ministry of Social Affairs 




Pascal Buleon, School of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences (EHSS), acting in association with the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and the National Foundation for Political Sciences


Dr Brunhild Spannhake, Federal Ministry of Education and Research



Dr Eucharia Meehan, Irish Research Council (HEA)



Professor Algis Krupavičius, delegated representative of the Ministry of Education and Science



Anne Westendorp, Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research,

Dr Joris Voskuilen, Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research


Ministry of Education and Research, represented by Dr Ingunn Stangeby, Research Council of Norway



Dariusz Drewniak, Ministry of Science and Higher Education



Foundation for Science and Technology



Dr Albin Kralj, Ministry of Education, Science and Sport



Professor Michael Tåhlin, delegated representative from the Swedish Research Council



Samantha McGregor, Economic and Social Research Council (Host Country)

Switzerland is an Observer and is represented by Professor Peter Farago, FORS (Swiss Foundation for Research in Social Sciences).

Countries with Guest status in Round 7 include Denmark, represented by Katinka Stenbjørn, Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation; Finland, represented by Helena Vänskä, Academy of Finland; Hungary, represented by the Centre for Social Science, Hungarian Academy of Sciences; Israel, represented by Professor Nurit Yirmiya, Ministry of Science, Technology and Space; Latvia, represented by the Philosophy and Sociology Institute,  University of Latvia; Spain, represented by Mónica Méndez, Spanish Centre for Sociological Research; and Slovakia, represented by Dr Michal Kentoš, Institute of Social Sciences, Slovak Academy of Sciences.

The General Assembly has three standing committees: a Scientific Advisory Board, a Methods Advisory Board and a Finance Committee.

The Director, Rory Fitzgerald, ESS ERIC Headquarters, City University London, is supported in the design and implementation of the ESS ERIC Work Programme by six other institutions that collectively comprise the ESS ERIC Core Scientific Team. These are:


Deputy Directors are in post in four institutions:

-City University London, ESS ERIC Headquarters: Dr Eric Harrison

-Deputy Director Scientific: Dr Angelika Scheuer, GESIS

-Deputy Director Methodological: Dr Ineke Stoop, SCP

-Deputy Director Strategic: Professor Bjørn Henrichsen, NSD


The ESS ERIC Director also convenes a National Coordinators’ Forum, attended by National Coordinators appointed by ESS ERIC Members and Observers.