Multilevel Data updated


The European Social Survey (ESS) updated its Multilevel Data resource on Monday (26 June) 2017.

This means that Round 7 (2014/15) survey data has now been added to the Multilevel Data resource, alongside data published from Rounds 4, 5 and 6.

Individual data from previous rounds has also been updated to the newest editions available.

New variables and more recent data have been added to existing categories of macro data (demography, economy, education, health, crime and political institutions) to match Round 7 data.

Contextual data on immigration has also been added to complement the Round 7 rotating module on the topic.

The Multilevel Data resource is intended to make it easier for the research community to analyse ESS respondents in the context they live in.

The resource contains data about a) individuals (ESS respondents) b) regions and c) countries. It is designed to facilitate the task of adding external data on countries and regions to ESS data.

ESS Multilevel Data was partly funded by the Descartes Research Prize awarded to the ESS in 2005.

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