Registered users urged to complete survey


People who have registered with the European Social Survey to gain free access to all survey data since 2002 have been asked to participate in a user survey.

The ESS is therefore encouraging everyone who received the email to take part in the survey - it should only take up to 20 minutes to complete.

The survey is part of an external study being carried out to measure the impact of the ESS and better understand how widely - and for what purposes - the ESS is used.

An email was sent to registered users last week requesting that they take part in the short online survey.

Responses gathered through the survey will be analysed to form part of the overall study evaluating the importance and value of the ESS to academics and non-academics.

It is hoped that the study will help ensure the long-term sustainability of the project by assessing the use of ESS data by academics, researchers, businesses, the media and policy makers.

All responses to the survey will be anonymised - neither the ESS nor the external company undertaking the survey will be able to identify users from the responses.

Survey responses will only be aggregated and data will not be used by any third parties. Data will be retained for up five years before being deleted.

The survey and study are being undertaken by a company called Technopolis - a policy consultancy specialising in research, science and innovation policy, commissioned under the Horizon 2020 project, ESS-SUSTAIN.

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