Croatia to host latest ESS conference


Research from the European Social Survey will be showcased at an event being held by the Institute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar in Zagreb on Friday (2 December).

The conference - Croatian participation in the ESS: Academic and policy benefits and challenges - will provide a forum for leading Croatian academics and researchers to present their analysis of ESS data.

With finance provided by the Croatian Science Foundation, the country participated in Round 4 (2008/09) and Round 5 (2010/11) of the ESS but has not taken part since.

In both rounds, the implementation of the survey in Croatia was coordinated and delivered by the Institute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar, named after the famous Croatian historian, lawyer and politician (pictured above).

The conference will also allow participants a chance to discuss the opportunities available for Croatia to re-join the survey in future rounds.

Dr Eric Harrison, Deputy Director of the ESS, will be attending the conference at European House (Kuća Europe) in Zagreb on 2 December 2016 from 10:00-14:45.

The Conference Programme Committee:

Croatian involvement in ESS: Selected results

Croatia was the third most dissatisfied of 28 countries in the standard of living for pensioners and opportunities for young people to find employment (Round 4, 2008/09).

Over 80% of Croatians think that many people obtain benefits and services that they are not entitled to. This was the highest proportion found across Europe (Round 4, 2008/09).

Croatians were the least concerned about violent crime of 27 participating countries in Europe (Round 5, 2010/11).

Over 70% of women complete a higher proportion of housework than men - the fifth highest rate in Europe (Round 5, 2010/11).

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