4th International ESS Conference

Turbulent times in Europe:
Instability, insecurity and inequality

15-17 April 2019

University of Mannheim, Mannheim, Germany

The 4th International ESS Conference - Turbulent times in Europe: Instability, insecurity and inequality - will be held at the University of Mannheim in April 2019. The conference organising committee is led by ESS colleagues at GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences.

Europe is going through turbulent times. There is increasing diversity within and between European societies in ethno-cultural, linguistic, and religious terms, or, more simply, in ways of life and prevailing values. Such diversity is arguably fostering cultural insecurity among large segments of the population, with backlashes manifesting themselves in different modes of political mobilization.

For many Europeans, stagnating incomes, the perception of increasing social inequalities, transformed labor relations, and the uncertainty about life prospects have created profound economic insecurities. The Great Recession and the financial crisis have affected all European societies to different extents.

Resulting concerns about the ability of existing political institutions to manage risk and provide good governance, or about the ability to hold existing power accountable, have shaken previous allegiances to the political status quo, whether to mainstream parties, the European Union, or even liberal democracy itself. Previously trusted sources of information - science, expertise, the mainstream media, and all sorts of secondary organisations - are now constantly questioned on the basis of their aloofness, irrelevance, or bias.

The 4th International ESS Conference will showcase research that uses our data to address these issues. The conference aims to show the depth and breadth of scientifically rigorous research made possible as a result of the high quality comparative data provided by the ESS.

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Jowell-Kaase Early Career Researcher Prize 2019

Call for Nominations

The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) of the European Social Survey (ESS) ERIC is looking for nominations for the Jowell-Kaase Early Career Researcher Prize 2019. The prize - named after Professor Sir Roger Jowell and Professor Max Kaase, the founders of the ESS - is intended to recognise excellence in the field of comparative social research by a promising new researcher

from any social research discipline. The prize was established in 2016 and is now being awarded for the second time.The Jowell-Kaase prize 2019 will be presented at the 4th International ESS Conference that will take place at the University of Mannheim, Germany, on 15-17 April 2019. The winner will be announced prior to the conference and will be invited to give a keynote-type talk at the conference. The winner of the prize also receives an award of €1,000 funded by the ESS ERIC.

Criteria for the Prize

The Jowell-Kaase Prize is given to an early career researcher from any field of social science whose extraordinary early achievements have already made a significant impact on the field. Their research must have addressed one of the substantive topics covered by the ESS from a comparative perspective, either cross-nationally and/or across different ESS rounds. The nominees must have made use of the ESS data in their research and published their research in international peer-reviewed journals or in books published by reputable academic publishers. It is expected that their research has contributed to our understanding of European societies and provided a clear presentation of interesting and timely research questions informed by relevant and high quality empirical analysis

Eligibility Criteria

The competition is open to researchers who are within eight years of the award of their PhD at the time of the 4th International ESS Conference in April 2019, excluding any period of career break, e.g., for family care, health reasons or military service. Nominations can be made by individuals or institutions, candidates may nominate themselves.

Nominations for the prize should include:

Prize Committee

A Prize Committee appointed by the SAB of the ESS ERIC, in collaboration with the organisers of the 4th International ESS Conference and in consultation with Professor Max Kaase, will review all nominations for the Jowell-Kaase Early Career Researcher Prize 2019 and will decide on a winner. Professor Terje Andreas Eikemo, Professor Christian Staerklé, and Professor Anu Realo (Chair) will act as members of the Prize Committee on behalf of the SAB of the ESS ERIC. Members of the Prize Committee also include Professor Michael Breen (Chair of the ESS ERIC General Assembly) and Dr Oshrat Hochman in her capacity as the organiser of the 4th International ESS Conference.

Deadline for Nominations

The deadline for nominations is 15 October 2018 at 23:59 GMT. Nominations should be marked 'Jowell Kaase Prize Nomination' and submitted via email.